"Thank You For Being A Light In The Dark"

Thank you Kelly for being an amazing coach and especially for all of the vent sessions! Thank you for teaching me that I am an undercover bad ass. Thank you for sending me the right answers, books, and resources always at the perfect time. Thank you for being my teacher – and for teaching me how to change and re-program my subconscious mind and beliefs about myself. Thank you for being a light in the dark.

Rebecca Dowdle


"I Love You Kelly V. – YOU Are My Hero And “Soul Saver”

Proud protégé of Kelly Clawson Vandiver, I am Feeling really strong. REVIVED! And for the First time in possibly ever where I know what I’m truly worth. And worthy of. Im a 17 layer cake of divinity and I know what I seek/need/want from myself FIRST to keep this tower of cake together!!! I feel like I have finally made it to a level of where it’s just maintaining. Continuing the maintenances and continuing to incorporate the new healthy habits into my daily lifestyle. I have No more immobilizing fear of triggers, setbacks, limiting beliefs, and/or trips and falls because my awareness and tool bag is now full and accessible when I need it and choose to use it. I know how to pull myself out and up from what may cross my newly groomed path. I feel REVIVED Kelly!! It’s so very beautiful! No words can describe “this” gratitude and blessing to be REFINED and NOT defined by my struggles❤️I am pure love…I am pure light…I am healthy…I am strong…

I read the two attached pics as mantras almost every day!❤️❤️❤️

I love you Kelly V. – YOU are my hero and “Soul Saver”

Heather Crimmins


"There Is An Earth Angel And A True Friend That Is Ready, Willing, And Able To Help"

What has been the most trying couple years of my life, has turned into an awakening, into an experience of personal growth, and I have Kelly to thank for that. Her insight, her guidance, her “tough love,” and her commitment to helping me grow and change in difficult times… are things that I am grateful for beyond words! If you’re struggling with something, if you’re up for the challenge of digging deep within yourself, and if you’re not willing to accept feelings of hopelessness or defeat by challenges that life may throw at you, then there is an earth angel and a true friend that is ready, willing, and able to help. And her name is Kelly Vandiver!

Scott Janiki


"Kelly Embodies The Qualities Of A Kick-Ass Coach And Mentor"

Kelly is a beautiful, powerful soul, who has an innate capacity to connect with herself and her clients at a deep level from a place of understanding and empowerment. I got so many golden nuggets from our time together, some about love (especially self-love), some about resilience, some about sex. Kelly embodies the qualities of a kick-ass Coach and Mentor by being direct, in-tune, non judgmental, caring, listening to understand, and asking dead-on questions. I love that she can keep it real with you and stay completely in her feminine zone of genius.

Camila Fandino