We talk to people every day seeking marriage help who wonder HOW we find “balance” (if there is such a thing:) and make everything “work” between running our business, being parents to 8 kids, daily self-study, self-care, AND an intimate and loving marriage that is fulfilling for both of us.

After breaking down our process, there were 7 KEY SHIFTS THAT WE HAD TO MAKE in our life after coming together in order to STOP THE BAD PATTERNS from popping back up over and over again, communicate effectively, and really get on the same team so that we could experience true healing, growth, joy, and fulfillment together as a couple.

Because that’s what life is all about right???


A marriage we can look at and be so proud of together at the end for our days here on earth, that will be our legacy to leave behind to our kids, grandkids, and the future generations. IT’S A

BEAUTIFUL THING to get to this place.

And if you are anything like us, we know that having great love and a great marriage is one of your highest values in life as well.

At the end of the day, these shifts are about BE-ing a mature adult, and loving from that mature place and energy instead of coming from the unconscious, dysfunctional part of ourselves – which we will always have. But we choose not to feed into that part of ourselves, other than to soothe and recognize it.

And in terms of being relational in marriage…you will NEVER be able to be relational when you are coming from your triggered self, AKA your “flavor of dysfunction.”

So in this week’s episode, we are breaking down The 7 Shifts To Relationship Bliss! ENJOY!!!

If you have tried traditional marriage counseling or marriage therapy, are tired of the rehashing of the same problems over and over again, and feel frustrated finding yourself perpetually in the same places over and over again with no results – and you are ready for CHANGE and TRANSFORMATION in your life and marriage… then we invite you to book a Discovery Call with us to discuss the issues at hand, your vision, and your goals.

We will give you guidance as well as a road-map towards healing and success as it is our goal to support you on this call by getting you crystal clear on how to create the marriage and life you want.



Kelly and Ned

Founders of The Relationship Loft


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