Happy Thanksgiving week!!! We hope you’re having a relaxing time with family, and ringing in the holiday season right!

Today, we have a very special podcast interview to share with you that we did with our dear friend, the one and only, Empath Coach Lola Pickett where we talk about detoxing your love life, and how to have a conscious, connected, and fulfilling love in your life when you heal and make the decision to have it.

Click here or the picture below to listen in!

If you want to know even deeper deets on how we met, how our relationship came to a screeching halt and why, how we overcame it, how Kelly healed from narcissistic abuse and left a toxic and abusive marriage before we met, how we have healed and grown together, and how we keep our love alive and thriving in ways we are so very proud of…make sure to tune in! Enjoy!!!

ALERTThis conversation covers domestic violence and abuse, so please be in a safe, calm space to listen to this episode. This episode is NOT suited for children.

See you on the episode!

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