January 2009 – I was nearing the ending phase of a toxic and physically abusive marriage to a narcissist.

January 2011 – I met the love of my life who I now have a conscious and aligned marriage with – who also just happens to be an empath and healer who is loving, kind, patient, and has a huge heart.



My mirror has changed DRASTICALLY to reflect who I am on the inside and my whole life has changed because of a DECISION to have something and be something very different.

I changed my life forever in 2009 when I made the DECISION to begin to get myself out of the situation I was in, to get help, find myself, figure out how I got myself into that situation, and to heal myself from the inside-out no matter what so I would never find myself in a situation like that again.

A conscious and aligned marriage, as well as a business helping others create their conscious and aligned marriages have been created and fostered with TLC since that time – and my strategy is the same now as it was back in the beginning of my healing journey: to heal myself by doing whatever is necessary to always be becoming the best version of ME.

And a key component to me always becoming the best version of me has been through:



Beliefs are everything and they come from what we saw and experienced growing up and created the lenses from which we view things. These are the things you must change.

Stop believing marriage has to be so hard.

Stop believing that love is painful.

Stop believing you can’t communicate without fighting.

Stop believing that you aren’t worthy of great love in your life.

Stop believing that everything is your spouse’s fault.

Stop believing you just have to “settle” for mediocrity in your marriage.

Stop believing that things can never change or turn around with your partner.

Stop believing that the passion just fades over time and that you can’t ever get that spark back.

Stop believing you can’t have what you want in your marriage.

It’s all bullshit!!!


Our relationship transformation system is, quite honestly, the best system we have EVER experienced when it comes to getting on the healing path, and healing your relationship with yourself and your partner from the inside-out because of everything it encompasses.

From the high level of one-on-one support and coaching with Ned and I, to the relational skillset we teach, to the subconscious reprogramming of your stories, beliefs, and identity – we have the system that covers all the bases that guarantees success if you decide to have and be something very different, stay committed, and WORK IT.

Also, we don’t just give you theories or ideas that COULD work. This is the system we use in our own life and marriage day in and day out, and what our clients use as well.

We break it all down for you:

1: We set you up for success first with key foundational daily practices to begin to heal.

2: Help you get the vision for your marriage spelled out in great detail in a way that lights you up and keeps you motivated.

3: Get you radically self-aware of your blind spots and owning all of your shit that needs to be healed and worked on STAT.

4: Teach you how to reprogram your identity/self-concept and beliefs at the subconscious level through repetition (because you can never out perform your self-concept)

5: Teach you all of the relational tools and skills you need to get on the same team with your partner, communicate effectively, and emotionally connect.

6: Find the passion, connection, and heat again.

7: BOUNDARIES with yourself and with the people in your life.

The holidays are coming and will only exacerbate ALL of the already existing problems in your marriage, so if you want to make this holiday season a great one filled with connection, joy, peace, and love so that you leave that legacy of the holidays with your kids, partner, and family…book a discovery call with us to get a plan of healing and transformation going.

It’s a 60-90 minute call, and the most precious gift and investment you could ever give to yourself, your partner, and to your kids.

Don’t wait another day to make the DECISION to change your marriage and your life for the better. It’s the most important legacy you could ever leave for your loved ones to be healed, happy, healthy, and whole. Life is so short, and so precious.


Kelly and Ned