Marriage and intimate relationship is truly sacred and beautiful when you’re with the a conscious and aligned partner who is on their own healing path of inward and upward growth. This is called: walking the healing path of love together. This is a wonderful and rare thing.

On the other hand, if either you or your partner are not doing your healing work, not conscious of your own flavors of dysfunction, not taking radical responsibility of your own growth – marriage will sadly – only be a mask you wear.

And underneath it all, will continue to live your inner pain, shame, guilt, trauma, and sorrow that you’ve never healed – and you’re likely with someone who is in the same boat. And you’ve likely begun to look at one another as the “problem.”

And the more time that passes being with this person, the more dysfunctional they become, you become, and the more dysfunctional the relationship becomes.

Because time doesn’t heal all wounds. Time conceals all wounds. And marriage most certainly will bring all wounds to the surface eventually.

And there you are, stuck in a situation that you thought would be the thing that would bring you so much happiness and joy. This person you put on a pedestal in the beginning you thought would be the cure and the quench of your search for your ONE.

But I have news for you, darling.

The bridge to your true happiness, joy, and authenticity – is the journey within.

Nothing external to yourself is ever going to get you to the place of true happiness, or joy, or bliss. Not the money. Not the fame. Not the stuff. Not the husband. Not the wife. Not the friends you buy with your money and show. Not the kids. None of it.

It’s You.

So if you find yourself here, the only prayer your marriage (or future marriage if you’re single) has in terms of true healing and transformation, STARTS WITH YOU. This has always been about you.

You are the One you’ve been waiting for and looking for. And the only reason you haven’t found her/him yet is because you’ve been too busy looking for your bliss in the external world.

As within, so without.

Everything you’ve been looking for, already exists within you❤️.

If you, or your marriage is on what feels like shaky ground, and you are ready to begin your healing journey inward, and you need help getting there because you haven’t figured out quite how to do that yet,

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In this session, we will get to know you, go over the main issues in the marriage, and help you get crystal-clear clarity around exactly how you can begin to move towards your own inner healing and transformation – as well as the healing and transformation of your marriage, so that you can create the love you desire and deserve.

These sessions can be done in person or via the Internet on a live conference call – as we work with clients nationally and abroad.

We send you warm love, and look forward to hearing from you soon.

Is your marriage on shaky ground? Do you feel like your marriage is a mask you’re wearing? Have you begun your healing journey? What questions do you have about the healing path?

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