I asked God often, and for many for years of my life – to show me the way to true internal peace because I remember how miserable it was to always have that internal gnawing of dissatisfaction, negativity, and helplessness – like I would never know the answers for how to find it.

It was such a crappy place to live and one that was completely unnecessary. But I didn’t have the tools, and I didn’t have the knowledge to make the shift.

Knowing what I know now, the problem was that I was looking outside of myself externally for the things that would give me inner peace.

I looked for it in the amount of money I was making. In the house I lived in. In my husband – wanting him to soothe away and fix my inner anguish.

But NONE of that worked. NONE.

It wasn’t until I became acutely self aware that something absolutely needed to change, and took 100% responsibility as the creator of my reality – that things began to shift radically in my internal world.

And as my inner peace began to grow and flourish, my external world began to change in miraculous ways that have shifted my life completely which I am so grateful for today.

My life, my marriage, my work, everything in my life is exactly what I’ve created it to be. And none of it would be possible at all – without the gift of finding my internal peace which only comes from within.


Inner peace happens when you take full ownership of your life. It happens when you take full responsibility for your reality and stop making it about other people or circumstances and go on an inward journey to find it and connect to it.

And it’s the most worthy journey in life you’ll ever take.

If you are ready to take the journey inward and transform your inner world – so that your outer world, your marriage, your life – can all be everything you desire and deserve them to be, and you’re still living the daily inner anguish of unrest, and you’re looking outside of yourself for the reasons for your unhappiness…

I invite you to book a Discovery Call with us. On this call we will get crystal clear clarity as to what the issues are that need to be dealt with, and give you a clear plan and path for moving forward – so you can create the love and the life you desire and deserve.

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There’s no time like the present, to heal and create what you want in your life because life is so short. And what’s the point of a “beautiful” life with all of its blessings, when you’re feeling like crap on the inside?

Life Is Now.

Live It Now.



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