For many couples, parenting inequality in child rearing is a hot button topic. And now, six months into a pandemic, homeschooling children, balancing work-life, and days on end, face to face with our kids and spouses without relief from one another, is even more challenging. In our private practice,…Read More


    A big problem that we see every day in our private relationship coaching practice, is the collision of different parenting styles between couples and the numerous marital problems these differences cause.  Like we tell our clients, the parenting problems always mirror the marital problems - because…Read More

  3. Marital Problems? 5 Tips For A Healthy Marriage In a New Era

    As we are witnessing in so many aspects of life right now, and with everything that’s happening in the world, the old systems and constructs that have been at the bedrock of our culture for hundreds of years - are crumbling from underneath us. We have long been existing inside of a culture and in …Read More

  4. Losing Strategy in Communication Series: #5 Withdrawal

    This week, we are wrapping up our 5-Part Series, The 5 Losing Strategies In Communication and in today’s episode, we are talking about the number 5 Losing Strategy: WITHDRAWAL. In this episode we talk about: How withdrawal can be VERY in your face and obvious, and how it can also be very covert an…Read More

  5. 4 Steps to Holiday Stress-Proof Your Marriage

    HOLIDAYS ARE HERE, AND YOU KNOW WHAT THAT MEANS: STRESS! Parties, dinners, decorations, presents, overspending, rushing around, toxic family members…. Holidays can be SO stressful because they include all things that trigger! So we wanted to do this special holiday edition episode to help you have…Read More

  6. Your Intimacy Advent Calendar [FREE]

    The holidays are in full swing, and the countdown is on for Christmas and the New Decade that’s soon to arrive! This is a perfect time to start to ring in some new intentions and create a new vision for you and for your marriage. So we’ve created this Intimacy Advent Calendar just for you, and i…Read More

  7. How To Find Your Inner Peace

    I asked God often, and for many for years of my life - to show me the way to true internal peace because I remember how miserable it was to always have that internal gnawing of dissatisfaction, negativity, and helplessness - like I would never know the answers for how to find it. It was such a crapp…Read More

  8. Detox Your Love Life [Podcast Interview]

    Happy Thanksgiving week!!! We hope you’re having a relaxing time with family, and ringing in the holiday season right! Today, we have a very special podcast interview to share with you that we did with our dear friend, the one and only, Empath Coach Lola Pickett where we talk about detoxing your l…Read More

  9. The 7 Shifts to Relationship Bliss

    We talk to people every day seeking marriage help who wonder HOW we find “balance” (if there is such a thing:) and make everything “work” between running our business, being parents to 8 kids, daily self-study, self-care, AND an intimate and loving marriage that is fulfilling for both of us.…Read More

  10. Do You Use Retaliation in Your Marriage

    This week, we are continuing our 5-Part Series, The 5 Losing Strategies In Communication and in today’s episode, we are talking about the number 4 Losing Strategy and it’s a NASTY one: RETALIATION. In this episode we talk about: How there’s nothing that HARSHNESS ACHIEVES that LOVING FIRMNESS …Read More